3 | 4 | 5 DECEMBER 2021

City tour

SUNDAY I 2021-12-05 I 14:00-15:30 hrs
Meeting place: Klaus-Mann-Platz (Schäfergasse 27)
Stop “Konstablerwache”

Frankfurt’s LGBT* scene has significance well beyond its city boundaries. Christian Setzepfandt will lead a guided tour of monuments and memorials of relevance to the scene, including commentary on chapters in history marked by oppression as well as commentary on the period of the gay movements political awakening. Guests will visit sites of interest and learn everything worth knowing about prominent figures. Last but not least, the tour will cover the historical and present-day “Bermuda Triangles”.

The tour also goes through the “New Old Town” and ends at the (Pink) Christmas Market.

The tours last around 1.5 hours, costs 10 EUR, will be undertaken in both German and English. Bookings may be made via our online registration tool.

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