8 | 9 | 10 DECEMBER 2023


CONTACTMatthias & Philipp
+49 (0) 171 47 24 349
PRE-Registration for XMAS 2023 starts on the evening of September 24 and ends on October 1, 18:00 hrs!
Details see “Announcement” below!
IN BRIEFWe organize an unisex Badminton Doubles Tournament with up to 250 players in levels A, B+, B- and C. Already ater the preliminary round all matches are played on two winning sets. For registration you need the name and e-mail address of your doubles partner. Blind dates are not offered. Please note our fairness guidelines in the “Announcement” below.
GALLERIESXMAS Badminton 2022
XMAS Badminton 2021
Zur Waldau 21
60529 Frankfurt-Goldstein
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Public Transport
Public Transport
Tram 12. Direction “Schwanheim/Rheinlandstraße”, station “Waldau”.
The tram has several stops in the city. From central railway station (Hauptbahnhof) it takes 20 minutes. Please note: The stop at Frankfurt central railway station is across the forecourt at the beginning of “Münchener Straße”.
Recommended travel times from Hauptbahnhof: Hauptbahnhof -> Waldau
7:59 -> 8:19 … 8:14 -> 8:34 … 8:29 -> 8:49 … 8:44 – > 9:04
Free parking.
SCHEDULESaturday, December 9, 2023: In order to have a professional tournament and the most fun possible, registration deadlines on Saturday must be strictly adhered to. Being late can jeopardize your participation.

Stringing service by Racket Company.

08:30 I Gym opens for warm-up
09:15 I Briefing and start for all levels
CATERINGThe registration fee includes free sandwiches, chocolates, fruits and water.

Pre-registration and random draw Since there are always significantly more interested players online at the start of registration than can play, registration has become a nerve-racking game for everyone. We now want to relax this situation. A pre-registration for 2023 will be possible from September 24. Initially, everyone will be placed on a waiting list. If more players have registered by 18:00 hrs on October 1 than can actually play, the starting places will be drawn at random. It does not matter when you registered in advance during the week – everyone will be equally eligible for the random draw. As soon as a name has been drawn, the declared doubles partner is automatically qualified as well (for doubles partners not registered, there is a deadline for follow-up registration). All those who then receive a starting place will be notified by 18:00 hrs on October 3 at the latest, so that you can plan your journey and stay as usual. All others will remain on the waiting list and will move up in case of cancellations.

Only doubles  Twice the players, twice the fun – the FVV XMAS Tournament will be held purely as a doubles tournament, so that everybody can get the most fun and sport from the tournament. At least five matches are guaranteed. From the KO-rounds onwards all matches are “best of three”. No waiting around – the tournament shall get going at the same time for all participants and levels.

Levels  The tournament is classified into levels A, B+, B- and C. In level C, a common preliminary round is played and then divided into C+ and C-. Since in previous years the demand for the classic levels A, B and C was many times higher than the demand for Senator, we will not offer this category in 2023.

Fairness  In order to guarantee an exciting, entertaining und fair tournament, please ensure your level classification fairly and correctly reflects your ability. The following criteria have been set for classification in Frankfurt: 

1. The team’s level will be determined solely on the basis of the better player’s level classification and results at LGBT* tournaments (singles and doubles) in the years 2020/2021/2022/2023. Involvement in mixed and senator competitions will not be considered. It is the responsibility of each player/team to ensure that their classification is correct. Incorrect classification can jeopardize the participation.

2. Gold medal (first place) winners at tournaments in Frankfurt or LGBT* tournaments of a comparable size (200 participants or more), EuroGames and Gay Games in the years above are obliged to play in a classification level higher.

3. The award of more than five medals (first to third places, singles and/or doubles) at any LGBT* tournament in the years above shall likewise result in a higher level classification.

Also an international referee from the Hessian Badminton Association will be at hand to offer assistance on any issues that may arise.

Shuttles   Natural feather shuttlecocks will be used for levels A, B+ and B-. In level C, nylon shuttlecocks are standard, but if both teams agree, natural feather shuttlecocks may be used. All shuttles will be supplied.

Registration   It is necessary to enter the name and e-mail of your doubles partner upon registration, therefore make sure to already have a doubles partner already before registration. Participants will not be assigned a doubles partner (no “blind dates”). To ensure that you will not compete against players from your own sports club or team during the earlier stages of the tournament, please include the name of your sports club or team in the registration form for the tournament.

Online tournament system The personal data of the registration will be used for the realization of the XMAS tournament up to the creation and publication of tournament schedules with first and last name, country, club, discipline and level as well as results also at online-based, publicly accessible tournament systems (tournamentsoftware.com or similar).

All subjects to change  The tournament officials reserve the right to make changes to the tournament schedule, to combine or divide classification levels and to reclassify individual players or teams.
HYGIENE GUIDELINESThe basic hygiene requirements are described here. If additional measures are ordered in this discipline, we will inform the participants in time.