3 | 4 | 5 DECEMBER 2021


Dear Friends!

Sports events were possible again during the summer, albeit under strict conditions – but things are looking much more challenging again for the upcoming winter season and so we were once again faced with the prospect of having to cancel Europe’s most traditional annual LGBT* multisport tournament.

FVV XMAS 2021: compromise instead of cancellation

However, we didn’t want to disappoint all our friends and athletes again and decided to compromise instead: This year we will hold a small tournament, with all outdoor sports under “vaccinated-recovered-tested“ and all indoor sports under “vaccinated-recovered“ conditions.

Almost “normal conditions” could be possible

This compromise is not easy for us, but it gives us – and, most importantly, you – the chance to plan ahead with confidence and – if all goes well – to experience an event that is subject to fewer restrictions, and that allows you to enjoy a genuine tournament under favourable competition conditions.

This year part of the sports program: Badminton, the 5/10k RainbowRun, Squash and Volleyball. Registration starts on October 3, 18:00 hrs.

We hope to see you all again soon!

Your FVV XMAS Team